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I hope you're enjoying the book and I suppose you have already answered the questions for the introduction and the first two chapters. We'll make corrections next week in class.

I copy here the questions for the following chapters (3 -  6).
Don't forget to make a kind of glossary with the names of the characters that appear in the book as there are so many that you could easily get lost while reading.

Chapter 3    Separate Amenities

  1. What does Carlin call townships?
  2. Describe Justice’s memory of his allegiance to Mandela.
  3. What did Van Dyk ask the blacks to do on 13th November?  Describe what happened
  4. Who was Lucas Sethwala?

Chapter 4     Bagging the Croc

  1. What mission did Botha give Niel Barnard?
  2. Discuss how you think Mandela must have felt when Botha’s government was cracking down on the blacks but treating him well.
  3. What was Sexwale’s reaction when he saw two TVs in Mandela’s house in Victor Verster prison?
  4. What did Barnard warn Mandela not to do in his meeting with Botha?  Describe Barnard & Mandela’s relationship.
  5. How did Mandela compare his people to the Afrikaaners?

Chapter 5     Different Planets

  1. What surprised the Pienaar family while watching the Springboks tour of New Zealand?
  2. Discuss the fact that the Pienaars had maids despite the fact they were considered lower class.
  3. How did Stofile define sport?
  4. Describe how Judge Basson behaved at the trial.
  5. Who do you think killed Lubowski  Why?

Chapter 6    Ayatollah Mandela

  1. Why did the government feel it was urgent to release Mandela?
  2. Why was his release delayed?
  3. What big hurdle did Mandela have to face soon after he came out of prison? Give your opinion of Mandela’s statement to the press. about his 27 years in prison    “Despite the hard times in prison…” p.85
  4. How did François Pienaar feel about Mandela’s speech?
  5. How did the international journalists react at the end of the speech?
  6. How did the Afrikaans press react?
  7. Talk about Rossow’s opinion of Mandela. (p.88)

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